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Mehndi Designs


One could write a whole article on the mehndi designs for Eid style tips but here I will just mention the names of a few mehndi designs which are chic for Eid-ul-Fitr 2010. So the mehndi designs trendy for this year are Arabic mehndi designs, Modified Islamic mehndi design and Indian Mehndi designs. What I [...]

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2013 mehndi design patterns


Mehndi has always an acute and important ingredient for weddings, religious occasions and festivals, So I decided to write about most popular 2013 mehndi design patterns for women-girls. Mehndi is an old art of painting body parts that started 5,000 years ago in Middle East, Africa and Subcontinent. Mehndi is made from henna plant leaves, [...]

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Eid & wedding mehndi designs


Best Eid & wedding mehndi designs for girls-women 2013 is a collection of most popular collection of henna patterns. As in Pakistan Eid and wedding celebrations are incomplete without mehndi. In South Asia Muslims women and girls wear beautiful dresses, shoes, jewellery and mehndi to celebrate this religious event. Not only Eid but also no [...]

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eid mehndi designs for girls- mehndi design collection


2013 new Arabic & Indian eid mehndi designs for girls- mehndi design collection is all about latest and beautiful mehndi designs for the upcoming Eid. Women and girls on chand raat decorate their hands and other body parts in traditional and religious way to celebrate the special occasion of Eid. We all know that Eid [...]

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mud spa


1. Fresh Egyptian Mud Spa Fresh Egyptian mud spa is considered the secret behind sensuous Cleopatra’s beauty. The mud is supposedly rich in vitamins A, E, and essential fatty acids. It dissolves easily in water and has a high concentration of amino acids, minerals, plant hormones and vitamins. Mi Spa in Chicago treats you with [...]

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Indian beauty


Any potion that remotely suggests the promise of everlasting youth is likely to have a certain breed of humans clamouring for a trial. From plush salons in Beverly Hills, the caviar facial has made its way into the Indian beauty market with the same promise. From specialty restaurants to spas Once the exclusive indulgence of [...]

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Beautiful Mehndi Designers 2013

Beautiful _Mehndi _Designers _2013

New Mehndi Designs 2013 Mehndi Designers is without wedding party birthday and local festival 2013 Mehndi Designs in Pakistan. And Mehandi (henna) is very significant part of preparation for any event ocassion. All women Mehndi Designs.

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New Year 2013 Beautiful Mehndi Designs For Hands

New Wedding Mehndi Designs Fashion 2013 For Women

New Mehndi Designs Year 2013 Mehndi Designsseason is without wedding party birthday and local festival New Year 2013 Mehndi Designs in Pakistan. And Mehandi (henna) is very significant part of preparation for any event ocassion. All women Mehndi Designs girls,New Year 2013 Mehndi Designs ladies and teenagers always wants to putmehandi on their hands. Here [...]

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Latest Hand Mehndi Designs 2013

Latest _Hand _Mehndi _Designs _2013

Mehandi (henna) is very important part of preparation for any event and ocassion. All women like girls, ladies and teenagers always wants to put mehandi on their hands. Here are some latest and new stylish collection of Bridal Hand Mehndi & wedding party and new year hand mehndi Henna Designs 2013 for Pakistani Girls or [...]

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Bridal Mehndi Designs 2012

Bridal _Mehndi _Designs _2012

In these days Mehndi become fashion and necessary for women. So Designers creates Mehndi Designs on customers desires. Now days Mehndi is used in all over the world. Many designers are are doing work in this field . Mehndi designs for hands for brides are get special importance Due bridal Henna Designs are much popular [...]

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Latest Mehndi Designs 2012

Latest _Mehndi _Designs _2012

The females of Asia considered Mehndi as the most important part of parties like marriage functions etc. Here you know all about latest designs of bridal henna and casual mehndi designs, you will also be able to get information that how to find online mehndi designs. In the marriage parties henna play very important role [...]

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Pakistani Mehndi Designs 2012

Pakistani _Mehndi _Designs _2012

Mehndi is a natural sort of tattoo making; we can say that it is a natural way of body painting. Here are different ways to get beautiful designs on your body and on the desired part of the body. But hands, feet and arms are used to adopt henna tattoos. No matter that the place [...]

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Creating Own Mehndi Designs

Creating _Own _Mehndi _Designs

Henna is the natural way to adorn yourself with tattoos, you can use different way to tattooing but while going for tattoo just keep in mind that what sort of tattoo do you want to adopt or what sort of color of henna you like to have on your hand while you want to adorn [...]

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Arabic Mehndi Designs 2012

Arabic _Mehndi _Designs _2012

Mehndi is an art and every one want to apply mehndi design on her hands and on other parts of the body. Because it helps you to look beautiful, attractive and stylish, it is a natural ort of body painting. Arabic hand mehndi designs Hand mehndi designs are easy to adopt, but they are not [...]

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Hand Mehndi Designs

Hand _Mehndi _Designs

Introduction Henna was introduced by the Muslim countries; it was not too hard to get henna tattoos of their own. Prior women were too much creative and nice; because of their creativeness and uniqueness they draw different type designs on the hands and many other parts of the body. Prior concepts about mehndi In late [...]

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Elegant Mehndi Designs

Elegant _Mehndi _Designs

Elegant Mehndi designs apply on your hands and feel happy and enhance your beauty. Different Mehndi designs and styles create a new look and give more attraction. If Mehndi designs apply arms, hands and feet the beauty and personality really too fashionable and eye-catching look. Mostly girls apply Mehndi designs on special events like wedding, [...]

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Pakistani New Mehndi Designs

Pakistani _New _Mehndi _Designs

Pakistani Mehndi designs famous in the whole world. There are different and new Mehndi designs according to newest fashion trends and styles. Every women and girls want to apply new and different Mehndi designs on her hands because every person like to Mehndi and look others Mehndi designs and girls has wish that she apply [...]

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Leaf Mehndi Designs


There are new Mehndi designs which are unique and outstanding also. If we apply unique and new Mehndi designs on their hands, feet and arms everyone appreciate it and copy to Mehndi designs. We introduce you Leaf Mehndi designs, so many peoples like it and many peoples apply these Leaf Mehndi designs. This all collection [...]

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Bridal Mehendi Designs

Bridal _Mehendi _Designs

Mehndi is complementary for Asian brides on hands and feet, shoulder and back mehndi designs. We already shown you many mehndi designs for brides, party mehndi designs and festival mehndi designs 2012. Now we are introducing 2013 Mehndi designs for brides. Here we have mehndi designs 2013 collection for girls who are going to marry! [...]

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Pakistani Mehndi Design


Pakistani Mehndi is the the majority detailed and intricate, as healthy as, themost occasion consuming and exhausting plan to produce for the artist. Pakistani mehndi is recognized for it’s detailed and fine fill-ins. These designs are well-known for existence form modeled by dhulanain (Pakistani brides), as healthy asclose feminine family talk to and friends.

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