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Some exercises to get rid sagging neck skin


We all are very well aware of the fact that as we age our skin begins to lose its elasticity and sags. But why blame age alone when certain crash diets, illness, heavy loss of weight, poor skin care habits play an equally important role. In order to firm your skin pay close attention to [...]

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Some neck care tips


Factors which affect our facial skin also affect our neck. No cosmetic treatment can bring the charm on your face if you have a sagging neck skin. Just like our facial skin the skin on the neck is very delicate. It needs proper care to remain firm and attractive. Prolonged negligence will lead to early [...]

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Some budget beauty tips


Interesting, isn’t it? Budget for me is the scariest part when it comes to shopping. And I guess I am not alone who is scared of this word. No matter how much I plan my financial dealings I just get overboard with my budget. With a financial officer like me, even Reliance can go bankrupt [...]

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Daily Skin Care Routine for Hot n Humid Summer

Skin Cleansing

Worried about sweat, tan, acne, eczema? Follow a simple skin care routine and stay away from common all these common problems in summer. The most care should be taken for oily and sensitive skin where dry skin is less prone to all the above problems in summer time. Dust, UV rays, and heat affect sensitive [...]

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Choosing The Right Lip Color & sporting Bordeaux Lips

Pale Pink Lips

No one would want to wear the wrong lip color, especially the ones that just divert attention from your shimmering pink lips to yellow teeth…. We provide tips on how to choose the right lip color: Pale Pink Lips Color Indian Beauty Tips Pale Pink Lips 1. Pale pink: Instead of blah nudes that make [...]

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Tips for Evening Eye Makeup

Eye Make Up for Evening Parties

For most women, evening eye makeup is a time-taking process. However, only a few know the smart makeup tricks that are easy as well as less time consuming. All you need are a few necessary makeup products and only five minutes in hand. Here are 6 uncomplicated guiding tips to evening eye makeup. Take an [...]

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Weird But Handy Beauty Tricks

Mayonnaise for Hair Conditioner

Liquid Antacid as a face mask – Beauty Tips For Indian Women Mayonnaise for Hair Conditioner – Beauty Tips For Indian Women Use liquid antacid as a face mask: Take two table spoons of liquid antacid and apply as a mask on a clean face for 15 minutes. Just like it works inside your stomach, [...]

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Who doesn’t love some make up? Walking out of the home with your face shining to some natural and absolutely radiant make up obviously makes you look good. It gives you the confidence that is rightly yours. While applying makeup is a task unto itself, removing it also becomes a major task. You would see [...]

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There are some people who are in love with face powder and make utter use of it to look fresh and fairer. However, too much of powder on the face may make you look funny and absurd. There are five ways to apply face powder correctly and if these procedures are followed step by step, [...]

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make up tips for wheatish complexion on mascara colors


Summer is the season of hot and humid. In this season, look a little brighter by using trendy colors for your lips, nails and eyes. The bright and colorful make up will not make you feel better but also make others around you feel energetic. Apart form the neon lip shades and nail colors that [...]

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gorgeous look that stays on for a long time


How do you set your makeup is a question that is frequently asked by many women. You will hear this question asked even more frequently in the summer months because it gets so hot and humid. Makeup just seems to melt right off your face giving you a grotesque look. You need special advice on [...]

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big day and make it special


Are you gearing up for your first date? Do you want to impress your date? If you are going on your first date, there are chances of you feeling super unnerved and having the jitters. But you better don’t panic. You can look your best and glamorous with these first date makeup tips. These make [...]

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check out the following four bronze make-up tips


Though generally classified as browns, Indians have a wide spectrum of skin tones. Be it rosy, deep brown or lovely golden glow, Indians have got it all. If I specifically talk about Indian women, most of us usually shy away from applying bronze make-up because we carry a common notion which says that “born brown, [...]

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world of make-up


Disney movies have inspired everything from toys to lines of children’s clothing, but rarely has inspiration ventured into the ‘grown-up’ world of make-up. Making the leap, M.A.C is set to launch Maleficent, their new limited-edition collection of lipstick, eyeshadow, nail lacquer, lip pencils and lip gloss inspired by the eponymous film, a modern retelling of [...]

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matte with moisture


While matte lipsticks are long-lasting and highly pigmented, their major downside has so far been their tendency to give soft lips the texture of cracked deserts. If you layered them with a balm underneath, you lost out on the velvety finish. But a new class of lipsticks, enriched with emollients, gives you the best of [...]

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make-up collection


To build the ideal make-up collection, you need to be in equal parts Scrooge and a spendthrift. Sometimes a product, even with its rare ingredients and handcrafted packaging, is not worth the high price tag. With others, if you compromise on the formula, you run the risk of ruining your skin. Make-up artists Clint Fernandes [...]

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strawberry blonde hair


Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence and Beyoncé have been leading the short hair brigade for a while now, and more celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon every month (last we heard, Scarlet Johansson cropped her strawberry blonde hair into a bob in Paris). If you want to try a crop, Anthony Cole, New York-based Sebastian International [...]

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L’Oréal Professionnel hair chalks


The new L’Oréal Professionnel hair chalks allow you to play artist, with your hair as the canvas. From shocking pink to subtle bronze highlights, the in-salon service lets you experiment with a rainbow of vibrant shades. The formula temporarily coats hair with a water-based dye and will easily wash off after a few shampoos. Try [...]

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Dark lipstick


Step aside, T-Swift; your signature lips have met their match. Dark lipstick made a comeback this fall, with celebrities, fashion models and collegiettes alike swapping out their routine shades for more dark and daring options. Although it may seem tricky to pull off, there are many ways to flaunt bold color with confidence (and without [...]

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French Manicure Spin

Pin 8 (redo)

Blue sparkly-tipped nails are perf because they’re not overkill but are still glamorous. Plus, they’re super easy to create! Just paint a nude base coat, and then paint a sparkly blue line on the tip of your nails. For a super-straight line, you can also apply a piece of tape after the nude coat is [...]

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