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More moisturizer please


It’s almost time to say goodbye to the long hot days of summer. Before we know it, tan lines will disappear and we’ll need to get ready for colder weather. This includes swapping out those quick go-to summer makeup essentials! It’s nice to be able to put on tinted moisturizer and a little mascara and [...]

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Appreciate Your Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

As much as I love my collection of hair care products, bold eye shadows and black mascaras, there really isn’t anything better than inner beauty. Sure, it’s a lot of fun to get dolled up with our favorite makeup, but let’s not forget how amazing and beautiful our skin can be on its own. Read [...]

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eight tips to look fashionable

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These days, women are taken more seriously at work, making up 46.9 percent of the labor force. Of the Fortune 500 board seats, about 17 percent are currently held by women, as compared to 9.6 percent in 1995. Even if you’re not aiming to be a leader at a large company, how you dress is [...]

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powder foundation


When you wear makeup, the most important product you’re applying to your face is foundation. If it’s not applied correctly, it can ruin your entire look. Unfortunately, there are several common mistakes most of us make when it comes to foundation. The good thing is, we’ve got the lowdown on how to nix them, so [...]

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Ban the Tan

Ban the Tan

Come summers and the suntan is suddenly your biggest enemy! This season, though, you can keep it at bay. Veethi shares some handy tips keep your skin glowing all through the summer. Mix lemon juice, cucumber juice and rosewater in a bowl and apply on your face. While the citric acid in the lemon works [...]

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Glow with strawberries

Glow with strawberries

If you thought strawberries were meant for dressing salads or to be had at Wimbledon, think again! It’s time you became of this fruit for it nourishing, rejuvenating and moisturising capabilities. Veethi tells you how strawberries can benefit your skin. A bag full of Vitamin C Strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C which [...]

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Tanning Myths Busted

healthier the skin

Good or bad? Forget what your friends told you. With summer at our doorstep, it’s time you knew the truth about how much the sun affects your skin. Veethi busts the common myths about tanning. Myth 1: More the Vitamin D, healthier the skin Most people believe they need to tan in order to soak [...]

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Skin care essentials you need in your 20s

A lip balm

You need not cry after crossing 30 for troubled skin issues. As per Sapna Sarfare, the following must-haves are enough to prolong your 20s’ soft, younger-looking skin. Essential 1: The three-step regime For perfect skin, follow the three-step regime (Washing-Scrubbing-Moisturising). The first step is using a face wash, to remove the impurities. At least twice [...]

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Crack the acne problem

acne problem

Acne is one of your skin’s worst enemies. While we may try dozens of anti-acne creams to treat pimples topically, there’s no better solution than getting to the root of the problem. And what better way to do that than to eat right? Here’s what you need in your diet to help keep the dreaded [...]

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How to save face before bed

oily skin

Most of us follow a skin care ritual during the day before we leave the house, but by the time we get home, we’re often too tired to clean and nourish our skin again before going to bed. And let’s not forget applying night creams like Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Repair Cream to make your [...]

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Is skin care a task?

Precede your moisturizer

So you’ve managed to nab the habit of layering your products before you snooze, and have also been able to fit in regular exfoliating sessions to pamper your skin. And just when you thought that’s enough, a little birdie reminded you of the damage caused by the sun. Oops! We have a skin care routine [...]

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Turning back time

benefits of tomatoes

With all the hype around the need to stay sun safe and avoid tanning doing the rounds, are you too scared to step out into the sun? We tell you how to reverse the damage and stay carefree with these three home remedies: A mixture of curd with fuller’s Earth (multani mitti) makes for a [...]

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Beat the heat

Sun and frolic

It’s great to be outdoors during summer however the sun often plays a spoilsport. Veethi Telang tells you how to get rid of the unwanted tan during this season. Sun and frolic The onset of summer is when you need to start taking active care of your skin. You also need to ensure you don’t [...]

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Polishing your skin at home

Pretty Polished

Buff up your skincare regimen with some wondrous body polishing treatments right at home! Kavita Shyam tells you how. Pretty Polished Make strides in your personal pampering space when indoors during the hot summer days. You can create your own exfoliation scrub with a pinch of salt, brown sugar, Aloe Vera gel and lemon juice. [...]

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Ease the ouch!

Rip out the dead skin

Did shaving the bikini line not prove as worthy as you thought it to be? Read up on as Veethi Telang shares the do’s and don’ts of body hair removal. Rip out the dead skin Don’t let razor bumps and unsightly ingrown hairs force you into wearing jeans and long skirts. The most important step [...]

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The beach babe

Face Scrub

This summer, glow on the beach with sun-kissed skin and a bod to die for! Debarati Mukherjee gives you the inside track to get the ultimate beach babe look. Scrub it up Be the Sun Goddess as you walk along the shores flaunting your glowing, radiant body. “You need to exfoliate your skin to ward [...]

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Forever young at skin

young at skin

Is your hectic schedule causing stress and sleepless nights? Take an action before your skin pays the price for it! Apeksha Bhagchandani gives you tips on maintaining youthful skin. Tip #1: Clean on the inside is what counts No matter how much time you spend getting your skin to glow, if you are not healthy [...]

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How to get rid of that unwanted pimple!

unwanted pimple

The last thing that you want on a vacation is an unpleasant pimple breakout! Apeksha tells you how to prep your skin beforehand to maintain flawless skin. On the surface Cleansing your face regularly is the best gift you can give to your skin to prevent it from breaking out. Rub your face and neck [...]

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Your end-of-day skincare regime to glowing skin

glowing skin

Give your face the treatment it deserves after a long and tiring day. Apeksha Bhagchandani lists down steps to achieve youthful, glowing skin. Clean slate! The first and most important step towards a younger-looking skin is to keep it clean, everyday. As a home-based solution, cucumber juice serves as a great natural cleanser. Use a [...]

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Good skin habits to preserve your youth

Good skin habits

Good skin habits to preserve your youth If you begin taking care of your skin in your 20s, a bright future for it is inevitable, literally. Apeksha Bhagchandani lists down the skincare habits you should acquire. Tidy-up! You cannot expect your skin to look fresh in the morning, if you go to bed with pollution [...]

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