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Polki Bracelet for eid


Incase you are planning to gift someone special an extravagant and an amazing gift, what better option than to gift them a Diamond (Polki) bracelet. These beautiful Polki Bracelets For Women will make her very happy, which in return will make you happy. After all the only purpose of gifting someone an expensive and extravagant [...]

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Eid jewellery collection


There are many jewellery brands that are currently working inside the fashion world and have probably gained much enormous success and fame. In all such brands we would like to mention out with the name of Native Espiritz. This brand has been working as one of the most top leading brands in the fashion planet [...]

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Bridal Jewellery Set & Cloth Combination

Bridal _Jewellery _Set _& _Cloth _Combination

We are offering our clients, a wide range of Bridal Jewellery Set. These jewellery sets are widely appreciated for their extravagant embellishments & modern designs. The jewellery designed by us for brides has excellent clarity & luster making it a preferred choice for traditional occasions.

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New Arabic Mehndi Designs of 2012

New _Arabic _Mehndi _Designs _of _2012

Mehndi is a art fo Asian womens and girls and every women have a craze about mehndi designs . Arabic Mehndi Designs are most popular than other designs these designs have beautiful look so girls like these designs than other . With passing time girls like new and latest designs and designers creates new designs [...]

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Bandwagon Trends To Dominate 2012


Year 2012 was overwhelmed with fashion and bandwagon trends. Most of trends were come back from the 80s and 90s. With western dresses running the show considerably, Indian ethnic dresses banged the list with a great difference. 2012 brought new zing in traditional dresses, flaunted by celebrities in various hues, prints and styles. Anarkalis The [...]

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Wedding Ring Sets Under

Wedding ring sets do not necessarily have to be expensive to look good. There are many jewelry made from sterling silver and cubic zirconia stones that have a brightness in some cases similar to the one provided by a diamond, so if your goal is to buy a wedding ring set under 500, we can [...]

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Wedding Ring Sets Cheap

Wedding _Ring _Sets _Cheap

Nowadays, wedding rings are made from cheap metals, this is why how their price can be explained. At the same time, they do not feature precious metals, or if they do, those metals are in most cases created in a lab, not natural, as they were extracted from a mine below Earth’s surface. Luckily for [...]

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Wedding Ring Sets His And Hers

Wedding _Ring _Sets

The best solution if you want your wedding ring to match your partner’s is to buy them from the same manufacturer, and more than that, to buy them having the same design and being made from the same metals and stones. Jewelry stores and the online environment are full of jewelry created for a couple, [...]

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Wedding Ring Trios


Wedding ring trios represent those sets that contain an engagement ring and two wedding bands, one created for a man and the other one, for a lady. Rings designed for the lady can be easily recognized, because they are the ones featuring diamonds or other precious stones. At the same time, the engagement ring can [...]

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Antique Ruby Engagement Rings

Antique _Ruby _Engagement _Rings

The red vibrancy of rubies can definitely amaze, seduce and flatter any type of bride or woman, no doubt about it. But when the ruby stone is used in a fancy artistic design, the effect is even more charming and mesmerizing. We adore the antique ruby engagement rings we’re showing on this page and the [...]

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Eco-Friendly Ruby Wedding Rings


This article can be interesting for those who want to wear a natural wedding ring that can still look elegant. The surprise comes from the fact that these eco-friendly ruby wedding rings we’re showing here are not only elegant but also glamorous and fancy. Who wouldn’t want to wear a wedding ring that is ecological [...]

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Natural Ruby Eternity Wedding Rings

Natural _Ruby _Eternity _Wedding _Rings

We found a few gorgeous wedding bands set with natural ruby stones that we want to share with those who want something practical yet elegant. All these rings are crafted in white gold and the contrast between the silvery highlight of the band and the red vibrancy of the rubies is fabulous! We love the [...]

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Ruby Gem Wedding Rings

Ruby _Gem _Wedding _Rings

The ruby gemstone is a wonderful choice for the brides who want something romantic and bold at their wedding ceremony. However, we shouldn’t reduce the beauty and the importance of a wedding ring only to the wedding day. The wedding ring is forever. This piece of jewelry is going to be the bride’s companion for [...]

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Ruby Wedding Rings


Ruby, the July’s stone is rightfully called the king of precious stones. Even in the Bible and ancient Sanskrit books, ruby is described as the most precious of all stones. The Indians believe, according to legend, that ruby originated from the unquenchable inner flame. Its colors range from purple and bluish-red to red-orange and between [...]

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Celebrity Wedding Rings

Celebrity _Wedding _Rings

What other brighter proof of love can exist in the world of love symbols if not the coveted diamond ring? For “ordinary mortals” it remains, in most cases, just a dream. But for Super Evas of celebrity world, be it the noble universe, sophisticated and eccentric world of stars or simply of those for which [...]

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Sapphire Wedding Rings

Sapphire _Wedding _Rings

A Sapphire is a blue gemstone, recognized for its incredible hardness (9 on the Mohs scale), and for its high durability. Sapphires are used in jewelry, but also in science, being excellent for creating infrared optical components. In the past, wedding rings were mostly represented by 2 thin bands of gold. Today, sapphires play important [...]

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Make My Own Wedding Ring

Make _My _Own _Wedding _Ring

Wedding rings can be purchased the way they are, and also designed by their future wearers. In case you want to create your very own wedding ring as well, and forget about purchasing a band that was already designed by a certain jeweler, pay attention to these next steps. The first one of them is [...]

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Beautiful Pearls for Bridal Jewelry

Beautiful _Pearls _for _Bridal _Jewelry

Jewelry is the main accessories for women and girls. Every girl wants to wear different and unique designs jewelry. Without jewelry a girls can’t complete her wedding accessories. In the whole world’s women and girls find most beautiful and attractive jewelry designs. Our Pearls Bridal Jewelry collection is most prominent and wonderful with beautiful designs. [...]

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Fancy Latest Party Jewelry


Every time we share you unique collections which are famous and according to latest style trends. Now we introduce a big collection of Party Jewelry designs. Look below stunning collection of Party Jewelry and choose best and trendy Party wear jewelry for your special event. In party people look others and check their Jewelry, dress, [...]

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Latest Bridal Jewelry Set


Indian bridal jewelry set designs famous and most attractive and every woman wants to wear Indian jewelry. There are different Indian bridal jewelry designs and styles of bridal jewelry known with different names and this name shows it style and type of designs. Bridal wants to wear very attractive jewelry because jewelry is the most [...]

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