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As soon as a new gadget hits the market, it immediately spirals its way to the top of most wish-lists. After that it is merely a matter of few weeks and everyone around can be seen holding the same gadget. Where is the exclusivity we say? Style does not come from spending big bucks on pretty things; anybody can do that. You make a style statement when you break away from the herd and shine through from the crowd. And we know what’ll do the trick- some sleek arm-candy! The latest fad is to pimp up your run-of-the-mill gadgets with some cool accessories that promise to set you apart from the oh-so-regular humdrum.

Cell phones are a part of everybody’s daily life. It could very well be the most used digital gadget in the world if an average is calculated. But sadly there are only a few reliable manufacturers who swear by only a few hues, therefore, every other person is seen holding very similar models in boring greys or blacks. Some people would appreciate some happy colours on their phones you know! A brand named has opened two stores in New Delhi, one each in Select City Walk Mall in Saket and Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj, and they offer customisation of digital gadgets with unique designs. The founder, Varun Verma, says, “My family has acquired expertise in the printing business for years and I wanted to channelize my efforts into a lucrative business plan where I could incorporate this skill, thus came about Makemyskins. We basically imprint designs on superfine laminated sheets which are then pasted firmly onto the gadget. The process generally takes about 15 minutes but it can take up to 7-10 days for customised designs. Prices start at Rupees 600 for phones and Rupees 1200 for ipads and laptops. We offer designer hard casings as well for your ipod, itouch, ipad and phone”.

There are also several brands that retail understated yet impactful accessories for an added dose of modest style to your gadgets. Quality and durability are the two basic attributes in this respect and there are many brands that serve such tastes. Look for details such as hardwearing leather, practicality, spacious compartments and, of course, distinct designs. Dilip Kapur of brand Hidesign says, “Our target audience is generally between 25-40 years of age and comprises mainly of working class professionals. We keep up to the minute with contemporary designs and classic styles and offer ipad and laptop sleeves, messenger bags, laptop bags and phone covers for both men and women who like minimal, unfussy yet high-quality products”.

For someone who is looking for cheaper options to update their gadgets, there are now several stores that sell affordable imported accessories in a range of styles and designs. From phone jewellery to embellished hard cover casings, fashion that comes cheap is forever welcome. Yatin Kapoor of ‘Ayesha accessories’ says, “Spear headed by 16 year old brand ambassador Ayesha (the blind girl who played the lead role in the movie Black), our products are targeted at 16-25 year olds and include a range of gadget accessories for youngsters on a tight budget. From bright coloured laptop sleeves to waterproof laptop bags and phone jewellery with doses of bling, glitter and color pop, Ayesha is a place where you will find versatility and accessibility all under one roof”.

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